Cymric Incident Update 9/14/19

Cymric oil spill logosCrews continue to monitor the site of a surface expression of oil and water in Kern County, while engineers continue testing wells in the vicinity to determine the cause of the flow.
At this time, cleanup efforts in one section of the site are limited pending completion of the diagnostic work. In the meantime, solids and liquids continue to be handled for disposal.
Biological monitors continue to observe the site twice daily. Wildlife hazing measures to deter wildlife from the area (including propane cannons) continue, and are adjusted to optimize effectiveness and to avoid habituation by wildlife in the area. Staff from the Oiled Wildlife Care Network are also on-site supporting operations. To date, one bird, a lesser nighthawk, was discovered oiled and did not survive.
OSPR is also conducting weekly drone flights to survey inaccessible areas and generate detailed mapping data for the ongoing response.
These photos from Sept. 11 show cleanup progress at the site.