Cymric Incident Update 8/15/19

Cymric oil spill logosCymric Incident Update: Crews are conducting diagnostic testing of wells in vicinity of a surface expression of oil and water in Kern County.
OSPR scientists signed off on cleanup for about 50 percent of the site last week. Further cleanup will continue following well testing.
An oiled bird, a lesser nighthawk, was recovered from the site on August 14. It was transported to a wildlife care center where it later had to be euthanized. No other oiled wildlife have been observed and hazing techniques are still being used to deter birds and other animals from the site.
There has been no flow of oil or water since August 2. As of August 8, the amount recovered is 31,903 barrels (1,339,926 gallons), with the fluid ratio being 30 percent oil & 70 percent water.