Cymric Incident Update 8/7/19

Cymric oil spill logosCleanup continues at the site of a surface expression of oil and water in Kern County. Cleanup has been completed for about 51 percent of the impacted area, and OSPR staff are expected to sign off on cleanup endpoints for four sections of the site this week. As of Aug. 6, approximately 31,980 barrels (1,339,800 gallons) of oil and water (30% oil & 70% water) has been recovered. The last flow of oil and water was observed August 2.Cymric Mello still

Cal OES reports

The first surface expression associated with this incident was reported to OES on May 10 and notice of this incident was posted that day on OES’ Emergency Warning Center website. Additional updates were reported to OES and posted on the Emergency Warning Center website in June and July as additional surface expressions occurred at the site. Cal OES reports are located at:

Cal OES Cymric Surface Expression 19-3668 (Search 19-3668 for June 8, 2019; June 23, 2019; July 17, 2019 releases; July 24, 2019; July 29, 2019 reports)

Cal OES Cymric Surface Expression 19-3040
(Search 19-3040 for May 10, 2019 release)