Update: Grove Incident Progress Report

Unified Command

CDFW, Office of Spill Prevention and Response
Crimson Pipeline


A multi-agency response effort has been established in Ventura, where a pipeline spilled crude oil into a dry gorge near Grove Lane on June 23. The oil was contained before it could reach the ocean. A Unified Command is overseeing the ongoing cleanup operations.


 At the beginning of the response, the length of the spill was sectioned into four divisions to manage varying conditions in different areas. Division A is located at the top where the spill originated. Divisions B, C and D progress in order down the canyon. (Spill Division Map) Patriot Environmental Services and National Response Corporation Environmental Services removed oil from the spill area with vacuum trucks, hand shoveling, and other mechanical methods. Cleanup has progressed to hand cleaning of rocks. Geotechnical experts have conducted an inspection and are assessing methods for conducting remaining work safely. Following is current status for each division:

Division A – No changes to the status of this division until geotechnical report has been provided to Unified Command for review and approval. The excavation site will remain uncovered until back fill and restoration plan approval is obtained.

Division B – Continued work on boulders and cobbles.  Work crews brushed cobbles and boulders with peat moss and sand to remove oil coating.  Only Division B02 remains active for cobble/boulder work. Crews to continue hand brushing and scraping of boulders and cobbles.

Division C – No active work crews in this division until geotechnical report has been provided to Unified Command for review and approval.

Division D – – No observable impacts from oil were documented.  Integrity of containment berms will be monitored and maintained.


Wildlife response staff have collected carcasses of seven small mammals (six confirmed to be oiled), three birds (one confirmed to be oiled) and one oiled snake. These animals will be evaluated to determine whether their deaths occurred prior to the spill or because of the spill. Additionally, four live oiled birds were captured and placed in care at wildlife recovery facilities. Wildlife Branch released those four birds back into the wild near Division A on July 29.  Wildlife volunteers are on standby because the risk of oiling has been largely eliminated since pooled oil has been removed.


Unified Command is moving the equipment staging area from Ventura High School parking lot to Ventura Hillsides Conservancy parking lot on Tuesday, Aug 2nd.  This will lessen the impact to the community and School by shifting the staging location of response vehicles, equipment and personnel.


  • For any safety concerns contact the Grove Incident Neighborhood Response at (805) 833-0177.
  • Residents wishing to file a claim can do so via email at claims@crimsonpl.com or by calling (562) 285-4128.
  • Visit Cal Spill Watch for more information.