Response to Community Questions from July 14, 2016 Midtown Ventura Council Meeting

Unified Command Grove Incident
July 19, 2016

Some community members have raised questions about technical and communications issues related to the pipeline and to the cleanup effort. The following additional detail is provided in the interest of keeping the public as up-to-date as possible.


The pipeline involved in the Grove Incident is the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) Line ID #0334, installed in 1941. It originates at a Crimson pump station above School Canyon Road in Ventura, and carries oil from Ventura County to Los Angeles refineries.

The age of this pipeline does not grandfather it into a lesser safety requirement.  This pipeline’s last integrity inspection was in November 2015.

Information regarding the inspection to restart the line was provided in the Grove Incident Progress Report.

Cleanup Progress

Most of the creek bed has been cleaned of gross oil except a section designated as a “safety exclusion area” because of stability issues of the cliff.

In many areas, the creek has been excavated to a depth of one to two feet to remove oily soil.  Testing will be done by the geotechnical engineers to confirm the penetration status of oil into the soil.

As sediments and soils are removed from the channel, they are bagged and removed from the site for quantification. The different substrates include sand, cobble, boulder and cement.

A geologist has been present and additional experts will be arriving to assess methods for conducting remaining work safely.

Every effort is being made to minimize the impact to the canyon. Once cleanup is completed, a Vegetation Restoration Plan will be implemented.

The General Process Supporting Environmental Recovery  issued to residents on July 13 explained the range of considerations in an oil spill cleanup.  Specific to the Grove Incident as stated in this document, responders are looking closely at the dynamics of the creek during dry and wet conditions, the geologic stability of the creek boundaries, the animals and vegetation living in the area, and the residents and local community to find the most effective methods for cleanup for this response.

Grove Incident Contact Numbers

Grove Incident Neighborhood Response Number:  805-833-0177
Resident Claims:  562-285-4128 or
Observed Oiled Wildlife:  877-823-6926

Every effort is being made to answer communications as quickly as possible.  Grove Incident Liaisons have responded to requests via email, phone call and in person.